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April 13, 2021

9 Reasons Why I Build and Host Websites With Webflow

I build websites for clients in Webflow and I advise hosting with Webflow too. From security, functionality and speed, I firmly believe Webflow is the best option out there for anyone wanting a website. Here are 9 reasons why I build and host websites for clients with Webflow:

1) Complete Customisation

Rather than just use a template, I can make a custom website with exactly the specifications of each individual client. Here is a clip I recorded of a website that I'm working on to show you how you can completely customise layout, interactions and functionality to make something truly unique:

Rather than just use a template, I can make a custom website with exactly the specifications of each individual client. While it is cheaper and quicker to get a template website, it is less customisable and can look very similar to alternative websites. By having a website that is animated, it is more visually appealing and also influences the customer’s opinion of the products or services you are selling.

I design on Webflow rather than other website builders becauseI can use code if I need to, I can import animations and can do custom scroll interactions.

2) Security

Webflow's AWS Shield protecting you from the dark side of the internet

When I build and host websites for clients with Webflow,they are protected by Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) Shield. “What on earth is that Jack?” I hear you cry.


It’s a layer of protection against hackers essentially.

Hackers can inject malicious code in to your website unless you have a secure hosting platform (photo credit: Clint Patterson)

Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are one of the most common forms of techniques used by hackers to disrupt businesses. It works when a hacker sends multiple fake requests to a website and the server crashes as a result. If the server goes down because of this attack, the website may go offline and the hacker may take advantage of this security vulnerability. (Read more about DDos here). I prefer to build and host websites for clients knowing that they have strong security protection.


(And yes, I have built and host my website using Webflow asa result.)


Also, I love using Webflow because I can also buy the domain name through Webflow so it is hassle free for my clients.

3) Website Back Up

Webflow backs up data to make sure you can sleep at night

Old website revisions are kept and stored when hosted with Webflow. When I hand over a website to a client, I feel more comfortable in the knowledge that all Webflow websites data is backed up.


This means that if you need an old version of the website, you can access a website revision no problem.

4) SSL Certificates

SSL certificates prevent people from mistrusting your site and Google ranking your page higher.

An SSL certificate comes as standard with Webflow hosting.


A Secure Socket Layer is recognised by Google as a more trustworthy website. The SSL basically encrypts data so that say you put credit card details on a website, it would be harder for a hacker to access them.


You know when you click on a website and then you get that pop up which warns you of potential security risk? That’s likely because the website you want to visit doesn’t have SSL security.


Websites without SSL will rank lower than websites that do because search engines don’t want to show potentially harmful websites so it’s in your interest to host with providers that offer SSL as standard (like Webflow!).

5) The Webflow Editor is Fantastic For Clients

Clients love Webflow websites because the website comes with a fantastic editor. They can easily update content on their site anytime, without having to contact me, or manage a confusing back end of another website builder – have you ever tried to use Wordpress backend?!

Wordpress back end is a dream to use - edit plugins that may or may not work here.

As a result of the client not having to contact me about whatever update they want doing, they can update their website within minutes, not days. The CMS means you can update your own website quickly and easily.

Read more about the editor on Webflow's website here

6) Webflow Hosting Speed

This web speed is faster than Usain Bolt in his prime

Webflow hosting processes over 4.1 billion page views a month. That’s 3x more than CNN.com and BBC.com, combined. When I host websites for clients using Webflow, they load very quickly. Since Webflow hosting is powered by Amazon Web Services and Fastly, it’s insanely quick.

This may be obvious to say but the bounce rate is higher when your website takes longer to load. The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who enter the site and then leave ("bounce") rather than continuing to view other pages within the same site. It's not the speed of homepage loading but moving from page to page that also matters. Since Webflow's hosting is so fast,  DropBox, Zendesk and IDEO among other brands host with Webflow.


Since I use Webflow to build and host the website for clients, I ensure that their website loads quickly which means customers are more likely to stay on their page. Here is a helpful infographic to show you how important load speed is for your website:

Bounce Rate Data

7) SEO Optimisation

You can optimise SEO using Webflow

You can control the SEO so it’s better for search engines like Google. According to the search engine people, ‘At minimum, 75% of clicks go to the first page of search results.’ This means that you want to be on the first page of any search engine or it’s unlikely you will be found.


While other web builders let you make a website, they don’t let you control image tagging, 301 site redirects and customisable XML sitemap. By using Webflow for clients, I have the best chance to get them ranking on 1st page of search engines.

8) YC company

Webflow's funding means it will be around for the long haul

While other website builders are new, Webflow is a Y Combinator company. While there are plenty of website builders out there, not all of them are as established as Webflow. In fact, just in January this year, they received $140 Million in Series B Round funding.


Since Webflow will be around for the long haul, they are a safe bet to work with and create and host a stunning new website.

9) CMS migration –can migrate it if needed.

Webflow makes it easy to manage your website

A lot of other website builders, you can migrate your website if you ever choose to in the future. This means you will pay for someone to design and build a website that cannot be transferred over to another host provider. So you will have to pay for someone to design and build a whole new website.


With Webflow, you can simply export the code so this isn’t a problem at all – this includes the content management system information.

I will be updating my website in the next few weeks to show web projects I am working on so stay tuned.

Hope this was helpful!


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